Central Asia Water Future Forum & Expo

September 19-22, 2016

Almaty, Kazakhstan


The aim of this event is to move state-of-the-art water information, forecasting, and analysis forward in order to enable all countries of the Aral Sea Basin to better manage water efficiency and scarcity, climate change, and economic and population growth at both national and regional scales. The event’s design draws on ideas and priorities of Central Asia experts and efforts to work across borders and sectors on water-smart solutions.


Leading water agencies from six Central Asia countries along with international organizations are invited, as are government decision-makers, government water specialists, policy institutes, academia, hydrologists, and meteorologists. Non-government organizations and donors are also encouraged to participate from the region and neighboring countries.

The event will include the participation of working groups from various interdependent World Bank water-related projects, such as the Central Asia Hydromet Modernization Project (CAHMP), Strengthening Early Warning of Mountain Hazards in Central Asia Project, and the Central Asia Adaptation and Mitigation Project for Aral Sea Basin (CAMP4ASM); and intends to capture best-practices to better refine activities proposed for the Central Asia Water Management (CAWaRM) Project.

Why attend

Participants at the workshop will:

The Central Asia Water Future Conference and Exposition will appeal to a wide range of disciplines, from field technicians to decision-makers and everyone in between. The event will put participants in touch with leading solution providers and agencies in water resources management technology.

Current and emerging technologies and practices will be the focus of this event. And, the conference will allow peers in the region to meet and develop important relationships that will strengthen their knowledge and expertise.


Hotel Rixos, 506/99, Seifullin Avenue, Almaty, Kazakhstan